This Taylor Swift’s 2017 4th Of July Party Was Very Different From Her 2016 Before

Taylor Swift’s annual 4th of July party is big news. Every year, all of us uglies wait in anticipation for Taylor and her rich-ass friends to upload a shit ton of pics on all of their Instagram accounts. It’s like a party for the 1 percent on speed and skim lattes. THAT’S HOW IT

Kate Middleton’s New Haircut Is So Beautiful It Has Inspired Many Women

This is the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine aka Kate Middleton aka the future Queen of England. There’s a 250% chance you know exactly who she is. Handout / St James’s Palace / Getty Images You also probably know that her signature hair look is a long, bouncy blow-out so flawless that she looks like a

10 Ways China Might Be Spying On You

10 Ways China Might Be Spying On You In recent decades, the Chinese government has aggressively played catch-up in the wonderful world of espionage, an arena where the true professionals were previously limited to Western governments and Russia. Given this somewhat late entry to the game as well as China’s historically inward-facing intelligence collection, the