A Special Door Was Installed At A Train Station…Behind It Was Something Epic

The Great Hall at Chicago”s Union Station just became a lot more fun. A group of pranksters recently set up a box with an ordinary door in the middle of the hall with a sign next to it that read: “What is behind this door?” Certain passersby just couldn”t control their curiosity and had to open up the door to take a peek inside the box. What they found was definitely not something they expected.

(source Blake Grigsby)

There”s something just so magical in this little girl”s smile when she opens up the door. It”s quite a lovely moment, especially given the location.

According to Blake Grigsby, the main prankster responsible for this feat, they used a total of 2,000 balls for this fun little stunt. Now I just want to know the name of the poor person who had to clean up the balls after each prank.