Are Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez About To Do A Song Together?

They are two of the best, most-loved pop princesses of today.

It’s fair to say that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have done amazingly well for themselves going from barely-known teen stars to global successes.

Taylor Swift has truly defined all things pop music for the last couple of years with nearly every single she releases becoming a number one hit.

And it seems her ultimate bestie Selena Gomez can’t put a foot wrong in the pop world either!

Taylor Swift is known for having a very enviable squad of girl besties from the likes of Cara Delevingne to Ellie Goulding, but we all know her biggest BFF of all is Disney-star turned pop star Selena.

We’ve seen them in cute bestie Instagram snaps and Selena even co-starred in Taylor’s ‘Bad Blood’ video, but the two talented singers have never sat down to record a song together.


The closest we’ve ever got is when Selena made a surprise guest appearance at one of Taylor’s 1989 tour shows (above) and we have to say it was pretty amazing!

Well, we have every reason to get excited as at the recent Sundance Film Festival Selena was probed on the idea of having a duet with the superstar Swift.

She has led all us Taylor and Selena super fans to go completely crazy at the idea when she replied with ‘eventually, right? She’s my best friend so we’ll see!’

We understand her answer isn’t exactly a signed and sealed promise but we hope this gets the ball rolling!

From their own hit singles, such as Selena’s ‘Good For You’ and Taylor’s ‘Out Of The Woods’, we can only have high hopes for the amazing collaboration these girls would make.

Watch this space for the most anticipated girl power duet in pop star history!