By Putting Aluminum Foil In Her Hair, This Girl Created An Epic Style Trick

Do you want to curl your hair, but don”t have the time to play around with curlers or a curling iron? Even if you do, curling irons are kind of scary, so who would even want to use one?

Luckily, one YouTuber will show you a simple, quick, and relatively safe way to get perfectly bouncy curls in around 10 minutes. She uses a process that lets you keep your hands free for the majority of the time, so you can do whatever else it is you need to do in order to get ready.

You just need tin foil and a flat iron. We know, we know, flat irons are to straighten your hair, but not this time. Just watch.

The end result is gorgeous, springy curls!

(via YouTube/Brittney H)

Consider this the quick, modern version of pin or rag curls. Plus, you can do it on dry hair. (In fact, you should do this on dry hair.) Be sure to also check out Brittney”s YouTube channel for more beauty tips and tricks.