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20 Of The Most WTF Stock Photos Ever

Stock photos are great. If you’ve got a website and you need some doctors or students or people looking like they’re having so much fun at a picnic, then there’s a perfect stock photo out there for you. Apparetly, there’s a stock photo for everything. I mean, everything…. 1. Not that I ever really played

OMG, These Are The 50 WORST Texting Fails EVER

Are you even ready for these? 1. I suspect… Katy did this on purpose. 2. That’s an interesting home remedy… Mother knows best. 3. Claire, do you have something to share? How often are you texting the word “vagina” in the place of “bean?” 4. Well, that’s a gross thought. Where would you keep all

Kentucky Fried Porn? Adult Movie Shown At KFC

This certainly brings a whole new meaning to the term “food porn.” Imagine this… You head to your local KFC, hoping to grab a quick bite with your spouse and two 6-year-old sons. Next thing you know, you start hearing some heavy breathing, but not the kind from someone having just scarfed down too many

30 People Who Just Get Snapchat

1. This guy who is currently experiencing #thestruggle of being in college. 2. This guy whose cat has more friends than you. 3. And this girl whose dating life must really suck. 4. This ultra fine person who really identifies with Expo markers. 5. And this guy who took a snap that belongs in best

Gaze At These, The Sexiest Statues Of All Time!

Sexy Statues… Damn, look at that rock solid bod! Must be cold in that garden (or from being made of stone). See? Statues can be sexy. Like sexier than some of us on our sexiest days. So why not click through a gallery of some seriously svelte sculptures? You scared? Me too, let’s click together…

30 WTF Things That Could Have Only Happened In Florida…

Look, let’s cut Florida some slack, okay? It’s not easy being the Spring Break capital of the country, while also being the retirement capital, and a melting pot for immigrants. You have foreigners mixed in with locals mixed in with the elderly mixed in with a plethora of rednecks, epic amounts of wealth, alongside poverty.

The New Star Wars Trailer is Here, And It’s Amazing

It is going DOWN in a galaxy far, far away Look at this badass. He’s controlling something with his mind, while holding a lightsaber, and there’s explosions behind him. The above is just a few seconds of the new Star Wars trailer released today. Already, people are going nuts. You’re busy, you can’t wear headphones

17 Really Funny Twitter Jokes About Food That’ll Crack You Up

#1. Am fucking embarrassed to call this thing my pal — kristen (@kristenmcewanx) October 23, 2016 #2. WAITER: Room for dessert? [flashback to the room at home that hides all my desserts] ME: [nervous laugh] Haha I don’t have one of those. — Saucy Kensington 🎃 (@Book_Krazy) September 2, 2015 #3. Ordered Chinese last

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