What This Guy Did To Kids In A Playground Revealed A Shocking Truth You Should Know

You tell your kids all the time not to talk to strangers. Once you finish teaching them this lesson, you probably think you can rest easy since they”re now 100% aware.

Sadly, they”re not. Comedian and social experimenter Joey Salads, whose work usually involves pranks, took a serious turn to show parents how easy it can be to manipulate a kid into going off with a stranger. His social experiment proves that there”s so much more we can do to protect our children.

Check out his experiment with three different kids:

Children are kidnapped every day in the U.S., with a quarter million going missing every year. Most children are abducted by people they know, but nearly 115 cases each year involve abductions from strangers. Be sure to talk to your kids about how to manage dealing with strangers, because they will have to talk to strangers in life. They also need to know how to recognize and get out of creepy situations. In the end, a simple talk could save their lives.